Immortal Memorials

Our Motivation

Take a walk through your local cemetery. What do you see?

Stones set in the ground, chiseled with a few sentences, a couple of dates, and perhaps an etched photograph. Sadly, many of them unmaintained. The entirety of a life – the love, frustration, happiness, sadness, good, bad and everything in between this person gave and received condensed to a few sentences in stone.

And that is for the very small percentage of us who are ever interred or memorialized publicly, as cemetery space decreases rapidly, cremations and funeral costs skyrocket, and the majority of deceased are never memorialized in any form at all. More than 1,700 people pass away every day without ever receiving a memorial or permanent burial place.

It’s impossible to stand in front of a gravestone and receive even the tiniest glimpse of who that person was, what they did while on this earth, those who impacted them, and those whom they impacted throughout their lives. Every life that goes unmemorialized is a loss to society as a whole, as each of us are equally valuable and are a part of our social history. We believe leaving a life go unmemorialized is a disservice to society.


Our Solution

One of the most painful experiences we will go through in life is grieving the loss of a loved one. A large part of that pain is the fear they will slowly be forgotten. The special moments & memories will fade, the photos & videos will be stored away on a device.

The Immortal Memorials mobile app solves this by providing a socially interactive, digital memorial platform that provides users the ability to easily and personally memorialize any loved one. Honor their lives by describing how they impacted yours.

Upload photos and videos, share stories, create a timeline of their life in as much detail as you like, and then share it with the world via social media. Invite family and friends to the app to create their own personal memorials and follow one another for new uploads, comments, and likes.

No more do we have to worry our loved ones will go forgotten in death with an Immortal Memorial.


We see a future where every human being has a memorial to their life, regardless of status, wealth, or fame. A future society that has developed greater respect for human life through an increase of self-awareness and other-centeredness.

We believe the process of contemplating one anothers’ lives, documenting and witnessing the impact we have on one another and understanding the interconnected nature of our existence will guide us all towards this vision.


To reach our Vision, Immortal Memorials has reinvented and
modernized the memorialization process.

We seek to provide a socially interactive, digital memorial platform that enables users to easily, personally, and permanently memorialize and celebrate the lives of others.

We believe the individual and societal benefits of our Mission to be incalculable and ongoing, and for this reason we will work tirelessly to continually improve the capabilities of our products and services.


Promote equality of life.

No memorial to life will be given greater valuation that another on our platform.

Foster an environment which encourages one another to view of death as a part of life. We can use death as an opportunity to celebrate one another’s lives, motivating us to live a higher quality life.

We encourage everyone to research and in some way take part in the Death Positivity Movement.

Ensure our products and services are intuitively simple and high quality to provide humanity a way to peacefully and comfortably engage in the memorialization and celebration of life process.

Always speak your truth, but do not harm. We believe no one can grow and improve without hearing the truth, but that this should always be done with kindness and dignity.

We encourage this principle within the memorial creation and social interaction process as well. Each of us experiences one another differently, and we believe it is valuable for users to capture this accurately and honestly in their I aMs.

Always support and never regulate the right of an individual to express themselves – including in an I aM. However, this does not mean tolerating disrespectful, disparaging, or harmful behavior.

We reserve the right to warn and, if necessary, block memorials and users who purposely and willfully act in ways to harm others through our products and services.

Always work to provide and maintain the option for individuals to keep things private they wish to have private.

However, we will not censor the experiences, opinions, and expressions of others except in the case of safety or abuse.

Have Any Questions?

We’d love to answer any questions you have regarding our Vision, Mission, Values (VMV), business model,
organizational design, or simply hear your thoughts, concerns, and suggestions!

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